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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anak-anak kesayangan

Anak-anak ku ini sebenarnya adalah kesayanganku walaupun kekadang perangai mereka sedikit sebanyak menyakitkan hati dan membuatkan hati sedih. Tapi bila memandangkan wajah mereka yang ceria dan kekadang sangat innocent, hilang rasa marah.......

Take-home task - MBI

Dear cps of MBI ;

Here is the list of items which you all have to submit when you come for your second phase.

Take-home Task :
a. Lesson plans of :
1. listening lesson
2. speaking lesson

b. Reflections of both lessons
c. Set of questionnaires.
d. Photos / video-tape of your lessons.
Ps :
Please have it done in hardcopy and softcopy as well.

Sample of questionnaires :
1. Is the content of the stimulus familiar enough for the pupils to feel comfortable talking about it?
2. Does the amount of time allocated for each activity appropriate in terms of the importance of the skill taught and the amount of time it would need for pupils to do the activity and master the skill?
3. Are my teaching materials used likely to be motivating and of the right level?
4. Are the amount of drilling enough?
5. Is there sufficient variety to sustain the pupils’ interest in this lesson?
6. Is the objective of the lesson achieved?
7. Is the pre-listening activity suitable ?
8. Does the teacher provide enough practice to teach the language?
9. Is the introductory session quite interesting enough to arouse pupils’ attention?

Thank You.