Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Teaching Journal :July 11th (12.00pm)

Teaching Journal July 11th :
The last class for today....C1T3ab .
Since I am combining my class with Madam Fazilawati Harun's classes (E1T1ab n E1T2ab)....we do not have enough tutorial chairs therefore the Speaking Task has to be carried out by sitting on the floor.
They seem to enjoy the relax and joyful activity.....loud and confident voices can be heard,body gestures and facial expressions can be seen.
I am happy despite the headache and terrible cough.

Teaching Journal July : 11th(8.00 a.m)

Having a pretty bad cough while explaining about Extended Writing to class C1T4ab,
therefore had to stop and switched to Speaking Task as the cough was getting worst.
Syukur Alhamdulillah,Plan B worked well.

Teaching Journal July 11th (9.00a.m)

The Speaking Task continues in M2T7ab tutorial class. It goes on well with lots of responses from the students which is really understandable as this is only their first trial.
Students : stuck/ blanked/ keep repeating the same points/cool feet/nervous.....
Madam Mas : No worries, you'll get used to this kind of situation as we continue with more practices (smile even though the head feels like cracking because of headache and terrible cough)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Coach and coachee session

5th July 2017 :
A new session with my new coachees. This time I have 5 of them :
Abdul Hafiz Abdul Aziz
Khabir Raziq Hairudin
Mohamad Syamirul Aiman Mursham
Muhammad Shahril Haniff Ibrahim
Shamimie Shudirman
Welcome to the group,kids!

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