Monday, February 28, 2011

Space oh space!

I think I need more of this rack. It's just not enough to cover all the tiny miny little cute adorable gifts from my students and friends.Believe me, I didnt get those from my own pocket money, they were given , presented to me. ( Do I sound humble and honest enough to convice everybody about this madness....?)

Dulu macam ni tapi sekarang dah overcrowed la pulak kitchen cabinet I ni. Quite difficult to maintain simplicity when there are too many things to put on too little space. Need a bigger one,eh? Boss kata apa? he just cant say anything any more......he he.

Adik's Convokesyen 2010

It's adik's convokesyen day and she took part in a traditional dance. She also received certificate and throphy for her excellence achievement during her study in Raudah Mawaddah. She was so happy and enjoyed herself the whole day there. She can really dance and her daddy praised her by saying " adik dances like mama used to dance last time when she was young". And that makes her day. She's gonna miss her friends, I bet but time will heal all that- Insyaallah.

Gubahan Bunga Untuk SuamiKu Tersayang

Bunga Tulip dan Balung Ayam

Bunga Loceng dan Roses

Dua gubahan untuk suami tersayang

Dua hari lepas habiskan masa 2 jam sebelah petang Jumaat untuk buat gubahan untuk suamiku. Atas permintaannya juga sebab katanya nak letakkan dalam bilik. Bilik kawan-kawan yang lain dah penuh, bilik dia aja yang masih lapang dan kosong. So dengan senang hati, aku buatkan. Bukannya susah pun......cucuk sana cucuk sini, siap la. Dia tolong potongkan batang untuk bunga tulip dan balung ayam tu sebab memang susah nak potong jenis ni. Dah la mahalnya lebih dari bunga lain. Tapi, puas hati cos it turned out very well. The satisfaction is there lastly.Alhamdulillah..........and those are for you, my dear.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

more and more english deco

English Home Deco

Well, all of a sudden this brilliant idea pops up into my mind. I have been thinking ( since my interest is in English Deco ) to furnish my next house with English deco but one thing for sure, my beloved hubby wouldnt totaly agree to it. He is a a type of person who prefers simple decoration and definately not that heavy decorated stuff. little mind works wonders I think, I am gonna use my own little kitchen and dining hall as my target corners and nobody can ever say anything cos I am the only one who will be using the corners all the time,right?

Now, be prepared to do some  titsy bitsy collection  for the new home. Ah ! Home Sweet Home and it's English Deco, some more!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Little Darling

This little darling of mine sometimes really tests my patience. She can be a doll and at some other times you feel like smacking her buttock with your palm. When she is in one of her good , jovial mood, you can talk to her for hours without feeling tired or bore but when she is in one of her moody,moody,moody mood....hah! There goes Mama's little teddy bear. But thing which I really adore about her is , her caring mind. For such a little bunny, she is very caring and loving and she really remembers all about her beloved family members' particulars.And despite all things, I love her so much!

How time flies........

It has been quite a while since I peep into my own blog, Gosh ! How busy these days are. Up and down the college has been a busy routine nowadays and time really flies.After a few blinking of the eyes, the clock ticks to 4pm already and it's time to pack your things up. And believe me.....there are tones and piles of workload waiting to be touched by you. Life is messy sometimes but I love it.

My Little Darling