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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tumbang lagi....

Kejadian pada 19hb September 2016.
Bila dilihat kedua2 picture diatas....pasti ramai  yang menyangka ribut yang sangat kuat berlaku....tapi who balik kerja jer dah jadi cam tu.....encik hubby la yang menggangkat dan menyusun semula sebab kebetulan kemarin dia sampai rumah dulu.
Ada yang advisekan suruh belahkan aja palm tree tu sb terlalu besar dan rimbun but I sweetly  declined because I like watching the leaves swaying during breezy days.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Students (C2T8)

Assallamualaikum and good morning everybody.
Yesterday I was observed on my teaching and learning process in this tutorial class - C2T8.
Two of my colleagues ,Madam Fazilawati Harun who ,is my Head of Panel and Madam Rodiah Dali, our newly appointed DG52 senior English lecturer  entered the class at 8 am, both sat at the back of the class and the observation started. The class ended at 9 am with notes of constructive comments shared.

Self-Reflection :
The students behaved well, in fact too well (sigh) and the class turned a bit dull as they were not their normal selves. Thinking on a brighter side, maybe they wanted to impress me and the observers ,being good kids....that is normal,right?
Anyway,lots of thanks and appreciation to my kids for participating excellently during the lesson.Keep up the good effort.
Insyaallah ,you'll do well.

My Students (E2T7/T8)

Good afternoon everyone,
How's your daily routine? 
As for me...everything is going on smoothly except for my thesis...
gosh,thinking about that, makes me feel so stressful.
Okay...let's just put that aside for a while...
let's talk about these bunch of kids in my class.
They are jovial kids and love to laugh alot 
but thank god
 Alhamdulillah they are very obedient 
 of course efficient in carrying out thier tasks.
Proud of them, I could say.
Keep on shining, kids!

My Students(C1T3/T4)

Assallamualaikum and good afternoon viewers.
Tutoring and guiding 21 kids in this class at first 
was a bit unpleasant as the girls 
were not serious in participating in the discussions and presentations. 
Not to say they were lazy
 actually lack of confidence to speak or present in front 
is one of the main factors that contributes to the phenomenon.
The boys were superbly amazing and
 they still are....they made me happy being in the class.
Aha....don't get me wrong, 
it was those days (I consider) the girls now have turned to 
'new confident and superb amazing speakers'.
They have gradually changed for the betterment in all aspects.
Congratulations girls and
 of course to the boys as well 
for making me a proud English lecturer.

My Students(M2T6/T7)

Salam to everyone here,
Spotted the pictures shared here?
Well.....these are another bunch of kids 
who have lots of positive and supportive spirits in them
 even though they are from different races.
 We have Malays, Indians and Chinese 
gorgeous and good-looking members in the group.
Very active and fast workers, 
yes....for example....this pictures witnessed their performance in the Language Lab .
I instructed and guided them 
to do a mini research for
 the Academic Writing project using Googedoc application.
Following closely to my instructions, 
they managed to keep at par with my expectation.
Bravo and kudos!
Proud to be your English lecturer.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fudgy-Cakey Brownies

The supposed to be fudgy brownies has turned to be cakey brownies instead, because of access number of extra large eggs.....I was not really happy with the so-called product so brought it halfheartedly to the department to be shared with friends....but it seemed that Allah has better plan for me....and for all I know....they love eating the brownies which I kept on saying and apologizing as "brownies tak jadi".....
Even Kak Rodiah whom I know does not really fancy sweet delicacies seemed to enjoy eating them and Nizar ,not to mention a good cook himself...kept on glancing at the box beside him,waiting for more slices hihihi.
As a conclusion...I enjoy baking for those who really knows how to appreciate good food ...
Have a nice day,peeps!

moist chocolate cake

Good morning peeps!
Just sharing my other 'baby' moist chocolate cake.
This 2 and a half kilos cake is sliced evenly to meet the request of the owner.....let it be for one or two days undisturbed....then you try'll be as moist and soft as the secret recipe's but comes with a cheaper price,of course!
it is available at The Masnie Cottage for sure.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya

how's everybody's the 10th raya already if im not mistaken.....lost count of days already as time really flies fast.
Anyway...happy hari raya to all the wise and beautiful viewers out there...there's a lot to tell but my mind is not functioning very well at the moment...
good day yeaaa

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Last Day Before Raya Break 2016

Assallamualaikum viewers,
Yesterday was the last day at KMTK before we depart for Raya break.....gosh I have 4 classes and it was a very tiring day but looking at the energetic boys and girls of mine really bashed away all those feelings.....Alhamdulillah.
After class ...these youngsters  stopped me for a fun selfie session....their innocent cheerfulness won me over....what can I say.....
Guys...have fun during your Raya not get yourselves into trouble yea and do come back in one piece everybody.
luv :
madam mas

Monday, June 20, 2016

Green Green Home Of Mine

Assallamualaikum and Good Morning Everyone.
Today is 20th of June 2016.Salam Ramadhan...may barakah Allah be with us all the time. My 4th class for assimilation weeks today is taken by our Head of Panel, Madam Fazilawati Harun as I have handled the slots last week. Wonder how the civil engineering students are reacting to her class right now.....will get the feedback from her later.
As for the time being, I am working on the preparation of report for our PLC (Professional Learning Community). There is a long list of tasks to be done actually.....and I am praying very hard that Allah will have mercy on me and let me handle everything smoothly- Insyaallah.
Ok...think that's all for now,guys! Will be back later.