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Monday, June 20, 2016

Green Green Home Of Mine

Assallamualaikum and Good Morning Everyone.
Today is 20th of June 2016.Salam Ramadhan...may barakah Allah be with us all the time. My 4th class for assimilation weeks today is taken by our Head of Panel, Madam Fazilawati Harun as I have handled the slots last week. Wonder how the civil engineering students are reacting to her class right now.....will get the feedback from her later.
As for the time being, I am working on the preparation of report for our PLC (Professional Learning Community). There is a long list of tasks to be done actually.....and I am praying very hard that Allah will have mercy on me and let me handle everything smoothly- Insyaallah.
Ok...think that's all for now,guys! Will be back later.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Assimilation Weeks(Day 3)

16th June 2016(Thursday)
Assallamualaikum and good evening.....
it is 7.19p.m and we are waiting for the time to break our fast for the day...and just for my record,it is already day 11th of Ramadhan.....ermmmm time really flies fast.
Everything is already served on the dining table  and while waiting,the 3 of us(my hubby,my little girl and I) watch tv.....thinking back of my 3rd class with the civil engineering  students back at the college this evening...well,I can say they are improving..... attitude wise and confidence wise....which is good enough for me.
Its already 7.24pm.....better stop writing now and let's head to the kitchen.
Happy breakfasting, guys!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Assimilation Weeks (Day 2)

14th June 2016 (Tuesday)- day 2 of the assimilation weeks. Entered the lecture room at 2 pm....this time the slot was reading  so brought in the reading comprehension prepared beforehand....which I considered very easy, the objective was to get them scan and skim for the details and answer the questions given.
Feeling-some of the girls were awesomely good and participated actively in the discussion but the other half still remained shy and reserved. The same happened with the other gender but much better then yesterday, I could say. 
Note to the lecturer : search for more ways to tickle the students.

Assimilation Weeks (Day 1)

At 8 am (Monday)-13th June 2016, I attended the first class for this session 2016/2017. As expected 129 students awaited already in DK2....luckily the lecture room was furnished well with air-conditioned  and PA system......relieved that I did not have to shout so the level of dainty still remains... (hehehe)
The civil students are all very fact too polite....well,never mind..... they will get adjusted in a matter of time.
The session started with a placement test to measure their English proficiency level.Then proceeded with the get-to-know session where I tried to crack the smiles on their faces....I think I succeeded with the girls but the boys remained cool. 
Think that's all for today...jotting will continue tomorrow if time permits.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Students Batch 2015/2016

Good morning viewers
I am now writing on the event which happened last week..(16th April 2016-Saturday)
These students of mine really wanted to come to my cottage before they leave KMTK end of the month so we made a plan. Alhamdullillah Allah granted our wishes and the event was a smooth sailing one..(of course with lots of help by my kiddos n family)
They arrived at Masnie Cottage at 2.30pm and we started with the Yassin  recitation...then only with the feast.
We really enjoyed ourselves...Alhamdulilah syukran ya Allah.

Allah Sentiasa Murahkan Rezeki....

Assallamualaikum dan selamat pagi viewers...catatan 26hb April 2016(Selasa).
Sesungguhnya Allah itu maha pemurah lagi penyayang. Dia akan selalu memberi pada yang berusaha....
Usaha Nurul Irdina Syaffiqa sesungguhnya berbaloi....semalam tekun dia menyiapkan 20 packs Oreo Cheese Cakes dan hari ni syukur pada Allah...sekejap aja Allah kirimkan pembelinya.....yang tak mengorder kemarin pun ..hari ni memborong sakan. Ada yang untuk family dan ada yang untuk dibuat kenduri.
Bersyukur kami ya Allah kerana terus memberi motivasi pada anakanda kami ini....Alhamdulilah

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Oreo Cheese Cake In The House

saya kembali dgn posting oreo cheese cake tapi kali ini kita bermurah hati untuk menggembirakan para penggemar cheese dan cheese cakes dengan top up shredded cheese....lebih marvellous rasanya kan...alangkah nikmatnya bila bole merasakan betapa creamynya cheese on top....jom cuba

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Oreo Cheese Cake

Assallamualaikum ....
hi everyone.... 
Im pretty bored now so let me share 
the inner parts of my Oreo Cheese Cake with everybody.

The oreo based below and cheese on top

Or.... the cheese below and oreo on top

Taraaaa.....covered with marvelous
cream cheese and oreo again

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Just cant imagine if.....

I just came back from is still early to fetch my daughter from her tahfiz class so here I the roadside watching the view of the man made lake of Bandar Puteri Jaya...suddenly there are a lot of monkeys climbing down the nearby trees...its a bit scary actually but luckily I am in my car.

Something which surprises me is....I can see small hands from inside the car behind me throwing peanuts and food to the monkey lots...and the door is widely opened.....oh gosh! What if those monkeys get angry and behave impatiently ,hence strike the small kids in the car?
Ohhhh.....the only statement which I can think now can the mum be so inconsiderate in such a dangerous situation.....

anyway..... okay.....its time to fetch my girl....adios!
see you guys later....