Friday, March 8, 2013

22nd MELTA International Conference

Date: 5 March 2013
Dear Khalipah Mastura Khalid,
Invitation to Present at the 22nd MELTA International Conference
On behalf of the 22nd MELTA International Conference Organising Committee, I am
pleased to inform you that your proposed paper presentation at the conference entitled
“Interference of L1 on Matriculation Students: An Analysis of Written Materials”
has been accepted.
In this respect, please take note that all presenters and co-presenters attending the
conference must complete the registration process by submitting the registration form
which is available on our website and making payment by 19 April 2013. All payments
must be made in favour of: Malaysian English Language Teaching Association. If you
are being sponsored by your institution, please attach proof of this with your registration
form. Failure to complete the registration process will result in your presentation being
removed from the conference programme.
Please visit the MELTA website for important information and updates about the
conference. Some additional guidelines that you may find helpful are available in the
attached sheet.
We look forward to meeting you in Johor Bahru.
Warm regards,
Associate Professor Dr Ramesh Nair
Presenter and Participant Management Committee
Further guidelines for Presenters:
1. If you would like your paper to be included in the conference proceedings which will
be available in CD format, please submit the full paper to us at by 19
April 2013. The subject heading of your email should read “MELTA Conference Paper
Submission – (your name)”.
All papers that go into the CD will then be considered for publication in our journals.
You will be informed of this decision within two months after the conference. The format
guidelines are already available on our website. You must only submit your full paper
after you have completed the registration process.
2. Various considerations are made when slotting your presentations in the programme,
the most important of which is placing papers with similar themes in slots that benefits
our participants. We therefore discourage requests from presenters for specific days and
3. Please make your own reservations at the hotel. Special room rates at the Puteri Pacific
Johor Bahru are available for conference participants. For more information please visit
our conference website.
4. If you wish to distribute handouts, please prepare for this on your own. You might
want to use the following rough estimate:
• Paper /Poster - Approx. 60 copies
• Workshop – Approx. 60-80 copies
• Panel/ Colloquium – Approx. 100 copies
5. The time allocated for each session is as follows:
• Paper/ Poster Presentation – 25 minutes (of which 5 minutes is reserved for a Q &
A session)
• Workshop/ Panel / Commercial Product Demonstration – 55 minutes
• Creative Teacher Showcase – you will receive specific directions for this
6. All rooms are equipped with a laptop and LCD projector. For additional facilities such
as Internet access, please make arrangements directly with the hotel. Costs incurred must
be borne by the presenters.

Monday, March 4, 2013

i-Dica BMKPM 2013

It is finally over.

Majlis Perasmian Penutup i-Dica BMKPM 2013

Bersama Puan Rodiah Dali
Pensyarah Pembimbing Musical Sketch

Bersama Tuan Mohd Nizar Mohd Nazir
Pensyarah Pembimbing Dokumentari

Puan Rodiah Dali dan Tuan Zulkifli Aziz
Pensyarah Pembimbing Inovasi Kejuruteraan

Bersama Tuan Zulkifli Montak
Ketua Penyelaras i-Dica KMTK
dan Tuan Mohd Nizar

i-Dica BMKPM 2013

Taklimat AJK Makanan i-Dica BMKPM 2013
Pada jam 9.00 malam 2hb March 2013 telah diadakan satu taklimat ringkas oleh pegawai BMKPM , Cik Siti Rohaizah dan Cik Azyanti mengenai protokol/tugasan AJK Makanan sepanjang Majlis Perasmian Penutupan i-Dica BMKPM 2013 yang akan berlangsung keesokan harinya - 3hb March 2013.Dengan persetujuan bersama antara dua orang pegawai dari BMKPM dan kami dari KMTK, urusan dapat diselesaikan dengan cepat dan mudah.Work Smart!

Musical Sketch Group at i-Dica 2013

The co-ordinator and lecturer-in charge with the group

After the presentation

In action

You guys have done your best,kids!

Musical Sketch is one of the categories competed in the i-Dica 2013. With 15 groups competing for the awards, our group did not fail to give their best performance and they really gave a tough fight to the other competitors.Well done,kids and thank you for the commitment shown.

i-DICA 2013

Briefing Time at Rafflesia Hall
1st March 2013
Smiles for the camera

Waiting For The Crowd
2nd March 2013

i-DICA 2013
Glory Beach Resort,Port Dickson,Negeri Sembilan
1-3 March 2013

SUKOL 2013

i-Dica 2013

Photo: # sumber :
Team i-Dica KMTK 2013

 i-Dica 2013

Glory Beach Resort ,Port Dickson,Negeri Sembilan

1-3 March 2013

Alhamdulillah, team i-Dica KMTK 2013 telah berjaya menyelesaikan satu tugasan berkelompok . Dari 7 kategori yang telah dipertandingkan, KMTK telah menjuarai kategori Inovasi Kejuruteraan i-Dica. Tahniah kepada Pensyarah Pembimbing-Tuan Zulkifli Aziz dan pelajar-pelajarnya.Kepada peserta kategori yang lain-Insyaallah kita akan berusaha lagi pada tahun-tahun yang akan datang.
Terima kasih juga kepada semua pensyarah terlibat yang telah berusaha mewujudkan satu team yang saling bantu membantu bagi kejayaan bersama.

My Little Darling