Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Manusia ini.......

 Hari ini bawa anak-anak ke Carnival  dekat Cinta Sayang Club. Bukan semua pun yang boleh dibawa sebab si Along dah balik ke kolejnya dan si Angah berada di Rawang rumah Alangnya. So yang tinggal si kecil berdua tu la, Kakak dan Adik. They were so excited in hearing that we are gonna take them to the Carnival. Tak pe la.... sekurang-kurangnya kurang lah sikit tahap keboringan mereka berdua tu. Maklumlah asyik kat rumah je, Mama dan Baba kerja.

Spent about 4 hours there, dah kecut pun tak nak keluar dari air juga. Nasib baik le ada Babanya nak temankan dalam air, if not, sure bising punya. Kali ini tak nak uploadkan pictures lagi lah. Nanti-nanti bila dah transfer, baru upload semula. Malas benar rasa malam ni.

Yang seronok nak dikongsi bukan la pasal anak-anak mandi tu sangat. Biasa sangatlah bagi they all tu, mandi kat situ ka, swimming pool ka, laut ka, tak kisah berapa puluh kali pun, tahap excitement tetap serupa. Tinggi sokmo!! Hai anak-anak......

Yang nak dikongsikan di sini adalah pengalaman saya menghabiskan masa menunggu anak2 dan Babanya mandi-manda. Berkesempatan pula berbual dengan seorang lelaki berketurunan Cina. Ingatkan dia dengan anak-anaknya. Bila sikakak menghampiri, saya menegur, " macam Melayu rupanya". Tau apa katanya. "Dia memang Melayu". Tercengang sebentar saya. Anaknya Melayu? Budak tu berkulit putih macam anak Cina tapi matanya tak sepet dan mukanya macam anak Melayu.

Dia terus bercerita, katanya anak jirannya tapi dah jadi macam anak sendiri. Ibubapa dah berpisah, anak 7 orang dan mereka org susah. Jiran nya sejak 20 tahun yang lalu (tapi sekarang sudah berpindah tempat tinggal )maka budak tu dah jadi rapat dengannya dan keluarga. Even call him Daddy. This man is a contractor dan punya 3 orang anak yang semuanya dah besar-besar belaka..The child actually sekolah kat SJK Cina and she speaks Manderin excellently.Lepas itu, datang pulak sikecil. 6 years old her age and to my other surprise to my own question : Dia pun Melayu juga. Dan anak kecil itu bukanlah adik kepada sikakak yang tadi tapi dari keluarga Melayu yang lain. Ya Allah...........manusia ini memang berhati mulia, cuma harapanku semoga janganlah akidah anak-anak itu dipesongkan. Bila time makan, dibiarkannya bebudak tu makan dulu, lepas dia org dah tak nak makan, pergi sambung mandi, baru dia makan. Masyaallah........Bila time nak balik, dipimpinnya tangan kedua-dua anak itu macam anak sendiri and who would be saying that those are not his sebab muka kedua-duanya memang macam anak Cina!

Harapan pada kedua-dua ibu dan ayah kandung anak-anak itu, pastikan akidah dan pegangan agama anak-anak tersebut tidak tergelincir dari landasan Islam walau sebaik mana sekalipun hubungan antara mereka dan sekiranya niat si contractor itu ikhlas mahu membantu dan memberi kasih sayang pada anak-anak tersebut tanpa ada niat yang lain,semoga Allah sentiasa memberkati........ Insyaallah.

Singapore National Library

Friends forever

With Mr Shuhaimi and Madam Ani Aishah Fatimah

 Hi again ......
Here are some stories of us,the Malaysian Clipsters during our visit to the Singapore National Library on 15th August 2008

During our visit to this library, we were taken on a tour around the place.First, we were quickly ushered into a room where a librarian, Ms Shiela briefed us with slide shows of the functions of the library to the school going children, the resident and even foreigners.

There are several levels; each level caters according to the age group.There are the primary level, teenager and the adult section.Books are neatly placed and the library appeared richly stocked with books, Cds, magazines and other reading materials.

Honestly, we were deeply impressed by the facilities available. Most tasks are electronically run.The atmosphere in the library was set in such a way that it is made homely and very condusive and inviting to stay and spend time reading.There is comfortable furniture around to sit and relax while enjoying the books. The shelves are full of articles and imformative leaflets where readers can access with the latest information on the latest book titles etc......

Frankly speaking, we were amazed by what we saw during the visit to the library. It's a wonderful experience indeed and I would like you guys to feel and share the same wonderful feeling ...........
Happy reading and enjoy yourselves!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Students' Presentations(Sem 1- 2010)

These are my students from LCT and LMT tutoriol classes. For the Muet Paper, they have to do some presentations on the 4 skills which are Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. In order for them to be able to get what the lecturer requests from them, they will have to present on topics assigned. They have to realize that they are no more in school level where everything will be spoon-feed by the teachers. Here in Matriculation College, research and self- inquiry are two most important skills which they have to aquire to help preparing themselves for varsity level.

Presentation time for the students is the most unfavourable moments as that will test their public speaking skill and confidence level. Grammar goes haywire and sentences jumbled-up here and there but those are the reality we as the lecturers here have to face. Having students who scored excellently in other core subjects but unable to present themselves well in English is a heartfell  situation actually.

Adik during her Colouring Contest -Home Park (Sept 2010)

This is Nurul Izziannie Syiffa Mohd Juraini and she is 6 years old. Last September 2010 we registered her in a colouring contest organized by Home Park at Home Park avenue in Sungai Petani since she is so interested in colouring. Yes, she was sooooo excited waiting for that moment,kept on asking about the date and hour because she used to win in her previous colouring contests.

So we took her with her sister, Nurul Irdina Syaffiqa who was reluctant to take part. Nevermind that as long as she's happy,right? It was a two-hour assingment with lots of details to be completed and lots of the contestants were finaly got fed-up. Nobody in their right minds will force those young contestants to continue since the picture given was so detailed. Based on my experience as a former teacher, I questioned my hubby who answered me : honey, they are not teachers, how on earth will they know whether their picture suits the contestants or not. Well, that made sense.

Finally, my sweetheart let go of her picture unfinished. That's it and we did not force her as we respected her right.We headed towards Pizza Hut to ' celebrate her success in not completing her assingnment' he he......

Friday, December 3, 2010

Team Building Course -KMTK 2010

Team Building Course At Sandy Beach Resort, Langkawi. Started from 25 November till 27 November 2010, the three-day course actually had given us (if not entirely all) the best moments of our lives.We get to know each other better in term of friendships and commitment. We achieved a sense of belonging and team building among us and we left something behind - selfishness. Maybe just for a short while but whatever it was,we do achieved something and deep down inside, I do hope that the sense of togetherness will remain in the hearts of all.

My Little Darling