Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Our Hope Tree

Assallamualaikum and a very blessed day everyone.
I can see that each and everyone of you are very busy with my tasks and also some other tasks from other lecturers.  But, life has to go on and we have to complete all the tasks given the best we could.
As for this week, we are very busy focusing on reading and writing skills and the center of attraction is of course on Stereotype. I realized that some of you are not keen on being labelled as stereotype persons ,right?So let us make the difference and show it to the world.

You have pasted your HOPE for this week on our Hope Tree and I have read some of them.So motivating and encouraging, I would say and those words on the sticky-notes really motivate me to fulfill your wishes and hopes.

Since we have come to the end of our lesson for this week and have done the presentations to complete the given task,I would like to request all of you to give your comments on whether we have fulfilled you own personal hopes,or not.Be sincere and share your thought and suggestions here.

The blank sticky-notes

Half-filled Hope Tree

They have written down
their hopes for this week

Hope to fulfill their
hopes and wishes.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Tree Maps via Google Drive

Assallamualaikum and a very good morning everyone.
This post shares the differences between creating the Tree Maps manually using sticky-notes + manila cards and creating the Tree Maps online using Google Drive. 
Both are of course, groups work.

I want everyone to share your own experiences using both ways of creating the Tree Maps. Do not worry, you can share the negative as well as the positive parts of using both methods.
Happy writing everyone!

2 students working on the same Tree Map
using different computers at the same time.

The differences of using Tree Maps
 manually and online.

Working and collaborating on one project.

Tasks are much easier when working online

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Tree Maps

Assallamualaikum and a very good morning everyone.
Sharing here are the samples of Tree Maps done by some of my excellent students using Google Drive.
Good job,guys.

A Tree Map can categorize 
and classify the advantages neatly

Differentiate between 
the advantages and disadvantages

Gallery Walk

Assallamualaikum and a very good morning everyone.

A little bit of info on Gallery Walk.
Gallery Walk is a classroom-based active learning strategy where students are encouraged to build on their knowledge about a topic or content to promote higher-order thinking,interaction and cooperative learning.It is a great way to get students out of their seats and moving around the classroom.

Again, I would like to know your feeling and get some feedback on these activities.
I will be waiting to read your reviews.

Get some ideas from the other groups 
while walking around.

You can jot down the points or 
just use your phone to snap them.

Discussing the points with friends.

Adding some points to other group.

Creating Circle Maps

Assallamualaikum and a very good morning everyone.
We have done our activities using Circle Maps which are tools to help define a thing or idea. It is used to brainstorm ideas and for showing prior knowledge about a topic. 
Share your feedback or feeling on these activities.

Brainstorming session
among group members

A Circle Map done manually
after a brainstorming session.

Just use colorful sticky-notes to add your points.

More ideas coming in while brainstorming.

Writing and adding sticky-notes
 of points and ideas.

Everyone is so eager adding their points
 to the Circle Map.

Friday, August 24, 2018

The process of writing in Blended Classrooms

Assallamualaikum and a very good morning everyone.
Last week we have gone through another process of writing using Blended Classroom approach where all of you were given task to read articles on COMPETITION and all of you have done it splendidly.

In our face to face classroom,we carried out the FOG project and brainstorming sessions using the Circle Maps.You have also managed to share some tips with your friends and get additional points from them during the Gallery Walk sessions.Finally you were asked to categorize or classify your points in the Tree Maps using Google Drive as these Tree Maps will be shared by all the group members in order to come out with your own essays.

As usual,let's share you feeling and feedback about the projects that we have done in this blended sharing sessions.

Think,brainstorm and paste
the ideas on the manila card.

Waiting for the Gallery Walk session.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Reading Leisurely : What can you gain from this activity.

Assallamualaikum everyone.
How are you doing with your Write From Your Heart activity?
As for today, we are going to talk about reading. 
A serious reading or a leisure reading,whichever of your interest.
Reading gives you lots of advantages and benefits. 
Can we talk about this in our discussion area?

Our Hope Tree

Assallamualaikum and a very blessed day everyone. I can see that each and everyone of you are very busy with my tasks and also some oth...