Monday, November 13, 2017

PSPM 1 2017/2018

Assallamualaikum and a very good morning everyone,
It is your day now and you are going to give your best shots after struggling all these while. My prayers and doas are always with each and everyone of you. Stay calm and convey your very best.
Good Luck!
Always loving you.
Madam Mas

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Our Shared Journals

Assallamualaikum and good morning viewers. 
Our Shared Journals will be my next shared platform with my students where we will be sharing materials and our self-reflections as well as personal journals together . Everybody will have a fair share to the platform and we will publish it to the public. That means those who are interested to learn  the second language in an easy and fun way, can access this shared journals easily. As for now, I am using my very particular blog to give them space to share their feeling and self-reflections but later we will start fresh with the new platform using Google Drive.

No worries, I will update the progress as soon as we started sharing!
See you around and be patient!

Madam Mas

Saturday, October 28, 2017

EWO Project With E2T7/8

E2T7/8 boys and girls did  their essay writing online in the class this afternoon. I thanked them for being so cooperative in all my projects regarding English Language. I told them as well that they are my living proof that my students are not technologically illiterate. They might not know much about the applications or tool kits used for teaching and learning,but once you show your patience in teaching and guiding them,they learned successfully.They never say no to any new ideas being shared with them because they know those shared ideas are for their own good.

Let's listen to their comments.

Madam Mas

Checking their essay
Some of them prefer to use their mobile phones 
The mind-map is ready
Lecturer facilitating the peer-reviewing session
Attentive class environment

EWO Project With M2T7

Assallamualaikum and a very good morning viewers.
With my M2T7 class, we proceeded with the EWO project as planned. Actually I am very impressed with my students' progress and commitment. They really followed the instructions obediently and I know they are working hard to enhance their English performance. Here I am sharing how they discussed online via chat box in the Google doc where they have  created their mind maps and now continuing with their essay writing. Even though these are only a few samples of the conversation and discussion online, as for me they are enough to show how hardworking my students are in upgrading themselves.

I am very happy to share how they feel about carrying out the project, be it in the positive ways or the negative ways. Hopefully, the project and their comments will be able to benefit the others as well-Insyallah.

Madam Mas

FOG Project With C1T4

Assallamaualaikum and a very good morning everyone!
Today is a Saturday and it is a working day. I started my class today with my bunch of joyful teenagers of class C1T4. At first we started with the continuation of their comments on EWO project. I get lots of positive comments on it and surely very happy with the impact on their attitude and self-esteem.

Later,they proceeded with FOG Project and this time I could hear lots of laughter and silly giggles and jokes. I have no problem with that as long as the ice is broken and they get warmed up with their little chat and sharing.

Boys and Girls!
Please share here you feelings about FOG project and would you like to continue with it next semester?

Madam Mas

Such casual manners
The girls are having fun gossiping in English
Even shy and timid students are eager to speak.
Who cares where we sit as long as we can chat.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

EWO Project With C1T4

EWO stands for Extended Writing Online. This is a continuation of MMO which is Mind Map  Online where all group members contributed in creating a mind map for the group. The task for EWO is to write a full extended essay based on the mind map they have created and the essay is supposed to be a collaboration between all the group members. In the process of writing the essay, all members are advised to collaborate,scaffold and edit or do a peer review on the essay until it is near perfect. The lecturer is always there to do the same process where needed and provides comments or feedback where necessary.

Let us hear what all the students feel about carrying this project whether they gain advantages or disadvantages in enhancing their writing skill.

Madam Mas

My Little Darling