Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ready to be delivered

Some of the cupcakes ordered by 
the customers for 
 birthday parties,
 small gatherings 
family tit-bits meal.

Red Velvet and Vanilla Cupcakes

These are vanilla 
red velvet cupcakes. 
The most preferred by my regular customers.
 Red velvet is a bit expensive 
compared to the other flavours 
as the price of the ingredients 
is a bit high.
But of course, 
the taste is 
much more better for those 
who love the smooth,creamy taste 
these mouth-watering dessert.

Mini Cupcakes

Uploaded above are my mini cupcakes 
which come in four different flavours : 
red velvet.
This time the decoration is a bit simple 
where I used only 
purplish-coloured pearl  beading,
heart-shaped beading 
coloured-rice as the topping.

Vanilla Cupcakes With Frosting

Assalamualaikum viewers.
I am back with my cupcakes 
as goodies for the eyes. 
This time, 
it's vanilla cupcake with frosting.
The flavour of the cupcakes 
is vanilla 
I decorate each 
every one of them 
with fresh cream frosting 
strawberry piping 
as well as
How does that sound ?
Wanna try them ?
Give me a call,then.

Our Living Room

Uploaded to be shared with the viewers
 are a few different angles of our small 
but cosy living room.
The photos were taken during 
night time in order to have a better focus 
of the lighting effects 
of the differently-chosen coloured lights. 
The photos were sent for 
a house deco competition a few days ago. 
Frankly, some of the viewers 
are attracted to these corners of my house 
and their focus are on the lighting 
and the ceiling as well
Allah has given a very creative 
house contractor 
who was able to come up 
with this amazing 
brilliant idea 
after a thorough discussion 
with me and my hubby.

My Little One's Den

This is my little one's corner or den. 
She has almost all her personal belongings here.....
on her bed, beside her bed, on the shelves and 
cabinet and even on the comfortable seat she owns. 
And...... most of them are pink in colour........what else ! 
It's OK and nobody is disturbed with that idea 
as that is her own corner,right? 
And not to be ignored......
even her books she preferred are also pinkish .
 Look at her bed sheet and comforter.......
and her tiny little toys. 
She is extremely attached to pink 
and she looks sweet and cute in pink actually.
Any comments, viewers? 
Please do share................

My little Corner

a very good morning viewers.
It seems that I have lost contact 
with my blogs for quite some time. 
Live has been very hectic and heavily-scheduled 
these past few months. 
Chores bumped one after another 
but Alhamdulillah all are taken care of smoothly and completely (if not perfectly, right?). 
However, there are so many promises 
still hanging unkept 
and I am extremely sorry for that.
Why suddenly my mini,cosy corner appears above yea? 
For no specific reasons actually..... 
it is just because I like watching it
 every time I park my car at our small car porch. 
Trying to decorate corners 
according to English Style....... 
this is one of the corners. 
Well...... enjoy yourselves watching 
as more corners will appear 
very soon.
Chaoooooo !!!!

Our Hope Tree

Assallamualaikum and a very blessed day everyone. I can see that each and everyone of you are very busy with my tasks and also some oth...