Monday, December 28, 2015

The latest family photo

This is our latest family photo 
taken on the 23rd of December 2015(Wednesday)
during our family vacation at Putrajaya.
all my 4 kids have already grown bigger ...
they have turned to young lads and gals ....
hopefully they will make us proud with their future achievement. 
Insaallah and Amen.
Our love and prayers will always be with them 
no matter 
where they are 
what they do.
And we know that ALLAH will always take good care of them 
as we as parents will always do.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Angels

These two beautiful girls are my angels.....
My heart and my soul......
Nurul Irdina Syaffiqa
Nurul Izzianie Syifa
There are many ways to describe both of them......
Sisters as sisters will always be.
The dad always teases them with his playful gestures and actions 
they will scream noisily and laughter follows in a minute after that.
Heaven at home. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

19th December 2015 Phase 2

Mood rajin memblog hari ni sebab tak boleh buat benda lain....sdg dlm kereta disebelah suami sekarang.....otw untuk menghadiri kenduri rakan nazirnya di Pokok Sena.
Makanya hari ni memang kitchen merahku rehat sepenuhnya lah ya...breakfast outside....lunch kat rumah kenduri....dinner? We will think of something later for now,enjoy the feast first.

Like stated....the unplanned is much better than the planned ones. We headed down to Village Mall for dinner....where else...Pizza Hut is their favourite spot.
After hunting at the book sales nearby.
That ended our day outdoor.

19th December 2015 Phase 1

Assallamualaikum viewers....
good morning all....☺☺
Today after having breakfast at BPJ...the 4 of us headed to Pusat Memandu Cekal at Taman Sejati. Objective :to register my girl for the driving lessons.......hehe another phase in her life. The feeling of growing older and older slowly creep into my mind.....reaching 50s next year is no jokes,folks!!


Assallamualaikum viewers....
It seemed ages since i have last met my viewers the moment a sudden knock on the door awakens me....a gentle jovial  'hi' from my student Zainab who has a keen interest in blogging has aroused the light back....
Thanks zainab!

Our Hope Tree

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