Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day To Tell

Hari ini 28th April 2011 (Khamis), lebih kurang pukul 12.45 tengahari, bertolak dari rumah selepas hantar Adik ke sekolah. She was very happy cos the van left without her ( she was late ) so..... mama has to send her to school.Cheeky,huh! Well, that's my girl,indeed!

Ok, destinasi hari ini ke USM.Tujuan untuk mendaftar diri sebagai student again.Ha ha at the age of 45, jadi student again.First,stopped kat bank,withdraw money just in case the credit card buat hal,then after that, off to USM.

Melalui jalan yang sama seperti 3 tahun yang lepas,mengimbau kenangan bersama kawan-kawan kembali. Kak Rusila, Kak Fauziah, Wan Maisarah dan Fuziah. Teringat tempat-tempat yang selalu kami stopped by ; cafe,library (of course),foodcourt kat depan stadium ( itu yang mula-mula nampak bila masuk pintu masuk USM, tempat makan kat Bahagian Dadah (teringat chao kueteownya yang sangat sedap- but no more there) dan lain-lain. Setiap satu membawa kenangan indah bila teringat waktu bersama teman-teman. Pusat Islam, tempat kami selalu solat bila bulan puasa. Kalau bulan tak puasa, selalu solat kat surau berhampiran bilik kuliah aja.Nak kejar masa sebelum tutoriol dan kuliah.

Ok, berbalik pada ceritaku tadi,sampai aja,terus ke IPS,buat payment.Alhamdulillah ambik duit tadi buat backup sebab 3 kali try, credit card tak respon,tak tau nape, kena call Customer service la nanti.Siap payment,turun bawah pula,settlekan registration,buat smartcard dan terus ke library untuk updatekan library card.Turun pulak ke Pusat Kesihatan untuk hantar Health Confirmation Form, kemudian baru teringat,tadi masa pendaftaran, that lady gave me 2 copies of particular but now I sensed I have none of them. Perlu ada sebab nak hantar ke bahagian Matrikulasi nanti, so naik la pulak ke library  and minta the kind librarian to photocopy 1 set for me.That's settled then.

Destinasi seterusnya, ke Pusat Keselamatan, nak ambik sticker, tapi lupa lak nak bawa roadtax or insurance so isi borang aja and they reserved one for me as they are closing down the account already and there's no more stock of it. Promised to come again tomorrow.

Walla ! What a day and Alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly.Balik aja sampai kat SP terus stopped kat Parkson, shopped for a gift and a card for my hubby. Well....our 20th anniversary is approaching so have to prepare the gift before he's back.Shopping with him for the gift is no fun.Selesai sudah my quick shopping spree, rushed to fetch kakak from her hostel, adik from her school and straight for dinner.Just between the three of us -GIRLS!

A very tiring day indeed, balik aja terus rasa kaki and badan lenguh2, maklumla dah lama tak berjalan up and down the hills like that. USM is a very hilly place, u see.Tidor kejap ,then around 11.00pm keluar pulak, fetch Along kat bus station. He's back from KL.Fuh! What a day!And tomorrow, another day at USM with the girls. Good nite...or shall I bid u Good morning. It's already 1.15 a.m 29/04/2011.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Proverbs,phrases,sayings,idioms and expressions

Proverbs To Enhance Knowledge

My Big Books Corner

Harijadi Nurul Izzianie Syifa-6th

Tanggal 29.09.2010 -
Sambutan hari lahir anak bongsu kami , Nurul Izzianie Syifa yang ke enam. Seperti biasa, sudah jadi kemestian keluarga, birthday mesti sambut kat Pizza Hut. Anak-anakku memang tak boleh tinggalkan Pizza Hut ni.So it's a must to celebrate birthdays at Pizza Hut.

Adik, macam biasalah sibuk nak cucuk lilin, nak tiup lilin and blow the lilin. Nak cakap apa lagi, it's her birthday!
She can do whatever she wishes to.But, my daughter knows her limit.Dont worry about that.

Mama kisses Adik. Itu mesti. Mesti kiss sebelum Adik potong kek dan suap Mama. Itu pun mesti.Yang penting Adik happy dan everybody pun happy tak kisah le everytime masuk Pizza Hut, RmM100 over melayang-layang.
And this year, to be exact, today 28/04/2011 Adik dah sibuk tanya bila birthday dia.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Love U

Someone Special

The Main Characters

 The pictures of all the main characters in the story books are scanned, printed and laminated before being pasted onto cut, square ,flouracent cardboards.You can see The Tiger, Mr Stofflees, Tanya, Grand, Mum and the others on the wall of the CCL Room.

 While looking at the characters, surely you can recall their scenes,right? And maybe the dialogues too!

Read, memorize and learn as much as you can...........

Get To Know Your Books

 This gigantic board is actually to introduce a book to the students.What are the important elements which they need to know about a book ,for example :
The Title
The Author
The Publisher
The Illustrator
The Synopsis
( a short account of something longer eg. the story of a film,play,book)
The Blurb
(a short description giving information about a book)

 Let us introduce a book to our students first before asking them to read it. Familarizing them with the books will definately instill the love for reading.

Book Cover Designing Competition

To enhance their love towards books , I encouraged my students to draw or create their own book covers.They played with their imaginations, sometimes just by imitating your actions.And penned it down on the papers.Great imaginations and you will be impressed looking at the end products.
Their young mind work wonders so just try this with your own students. You'll be surprised. I was, indeed!
Give them freedom to choose their own title, name of author, illustrator and let them create their own short stories.......

The prizes offered

Monday, April 25, 2011

Poems In Your Pocket

From a book,being transformed into cards

More laminated cards hanging, ready to be used.
From books and cards,finally transformed into flip-flap booklet
Can be easily put in the pocket and carried around
The year 5 students' creativities revealed

Writing Through Literature

My Little Darling