Thursday, March 31, 2016

The day

Salam....somehow....I can't wait to punch out from the office today......
feeling a bit naughty yea. Wondering why ? 
Ermmmm wait till I complete the mission , then I'll share the news...
if it is a good news,ok but if it is the other way round, 
I think I'll just keep it to myself (uhukkk!!)

The beauty of bougainvillea

Nothing is more breathtaking than a bougainvillea tree in full bloom, 
lighting up my little Laman Masnie landscape with its spectacular
 colour and beautiful tree shape. The plant blooms off and on all 
year round, especially nice during hot season when less plants will 
bloom. The flowers are actually those tiny white blooms in the center-
 the flower bracts are the colourful part. Bougainvillea comes in many
 vivid flower colours - red, pink, purple, white, orange, gold and shades 
in between.

Ready to be delivered

Good morning viewers,
As stated in the title headline....Ready to be delivered....those yummy van hauten choc cakes were all ready to be delivered to the customer that very Friday morning (17 March 2016). And this time, the order came from my good old friend, Madam Hashimah Mat from Langkawi who purposely ordered these cakes for her cousin's wedding receptions.Thanks pal for supporting this small biz...barakallah.

Revisiting friends

Cooling Sensation

Product Promotion Debut 2016

Our Hope Tree

Assallamualaikum and a very blessed day everyone. I can see that each and everyone of you are very busy with my tasks and also some oth...