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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Just cant imagine if.....

I just came back from is still early to fetch my daughter from her tahfiz class so here I the roadside watching the view of the man made lake of Bandar Puteri Jaya...suddenly there are a lot of monkeys climbing down the nearby trees...its a bit scary actually but luckily I am in my car.

Something which surprises me is....I can see small hands from inside the car behind me throwing peanuts and food to the monkey lots...and the door is widely opened.....oh gosh! What if those monkeys get angry and behave impatiently ,hence strike the small kids in the car?
Ohhhh.....the only statement which I can think now can the mum be so inconsiderate in such a dangerous situation.....

anyway..... okay.....its time to fetch my girl....adios!
see you guys later....

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