Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Entry 6 : Blog Journey

Assallamualaikum everyone.

Good morning.Another achievement that all of you learnt during my classes is learning to write via blog comments.You have shared with me earlier that not many of you have ever read or write blogs before. Knowing me, is knowing my blog as well.

I will be very happy if you can share you feelings, opinions,point of views during your journey with my blog. You can start by :
1. stating whether you have ever used blog before.
2. how did you feel when I started introducing my blog to you.
3. were you happy giving your comments in the blog regarding our activities
4. would you like to have your own blog one day
5. do you think your English and confident level have improved after the series of comments given to the activities all this while?
6. writing essay in English nowadays......is it a little bit easier than before in the sense of the flowing and expending of ideas and points.

Keep writing and sharing.
I will be waiting to read and enjoy the journey together with you.


Amalina said...

Assalamualaikum madam, first of all thanks for introducing your wonderful blog to me that guide me a lot. By writing in your blog i have improved my vocabulary, grammar and so on. I enjoy involving your blog by dropping the comments. Although my language is not correct sometimes but it's okay to show my flaws to you so that you can correct mmy sentences. Your blog is contained perfectly with many students' activities. For me your blogs are very interesting and perfect! Thank you for the chance given :)

Muhammad nazmi said...

Firstly i never using blog or comment on anyone's blog. I feel a little bit strange because I never use blog before and I rarely to visit anyone's blog. But after a few days we were teach how to comment on madam's blog regarding our activities I feel more comfortable and easy to write the comment on madam blog. I think one day I should have one blog so there I can share my previous activities or I can share any thought that I have learnt. Many people can learn something on that. Also I think my confident level have improved after the series of comments even not so much but its better than nothing. When doing writing an essay I got more ideas and points to talk about. So far that all my feeling on write comments on madam's blog. Thank you madam mas.

Aiman said...

Salam everyone. I just want to share a bit about what are the effects of online tools that Madam Mas used in her class to me.
First of all, the huge effect is the online tools such as blog especially give me an opportunity to improve my English. I don't scare to jot the comments in the blog since none of the viewers will complaining my sentences. But, however I still don't to ashamed myself in public. I still ask my friends to preview my sentences before publishing the comments.
Next, the blog give me an extra time to learn English because we can just access to the blog anywhere and anytime. As the technologies become more advanced nowadays, the process of accessing the blog is just a piece of cake. Moreover, the uses of these kind of online tools actually ensure that you always be up to date with the technologies.
Last but not least, I hope that everyone will keep continue using this online tools as their alternative ways to improve their languages. You can just create a blog and share about your social life or anything. By doing that, you are actually a step forward to become a successful person. I also want to say thank you to Madam Mas for introducing me with these type of online learning.

Syasya said...

Assalamualaikum and hi madam :)
I have never used a blog before. I knew blogs were a thing back in the days when I was in primary school, but I never really knew how it works or what it is for. When you introduced your blog to me, I was pretty shocked because I never would've thought blogs could be use as one of the medium of learning in classes. I really enjoy commenting and sharing my opinions on the activities we held during class. Cause Im sure our comments would be taken into consideration to improve your teaching in class and as a way to see our level of involvement. I would love to have a blog of my own one day, I'd dedicate the blog as a travel blog to write all my experiences like the do's and don'ts at a country or favourite delicacy spots with the public. I think my English language and confidence level has increased immensely. I feel that I am more open to speak with people in English. My vocabularies are widening too because I often look up on the internet for words to write. I feel it is easier to write essays too because I feel like I have more ideas on what to write and how to explain it due to writing comments on your blog madam! Writing in your blog opens our mind to write anything related to the activities in our class, and naturally this helps us to be more creative in writing our essays too.

Alif Najmi said...

First of all i actually already used blog before for get lots of information but i never write a blog and comment about the post ...Madam mas have different teaching method and it was a new method for me to learn english... To be honest, at first i am not happy to give comment on each entry that madam mas posted because i dont know and felt a little bit stress to think what should am i going to comment... but after i comment 2 or 3 entry , i enjoyed to comment in this blog because it be more easy than before...now i be more confident to do task on the blog .. overall i enjoy it and i think i already improved my confident level ...i hope i can have my own blog

areesyaasmadi said...

Assalammualaikum madam, i would like to answer all the question given based on my opinion. For the first question, i have not used blog before i became the student of kmkk. i was exposed to blog when i was in your class. Second question, for the first time i think using blog is a kind of troublesome. but, i have change my mind after several time using it. it is because it was really helpful where i can complete my task everywhere by using phone. Third question, yes, i was happy wherr i can say everything i want eventhough my english is not really good. Forth question, i dont think i will be using blog someday because i dont really like sharing my feeling to the public. i am also did not like to type a lot as all the blogger. For the fifth question, well, i think i did not change a lot but i have learnt a lot of new things whether about english or not. my confident level is a bit higher than before since i have known a better english. last but not least, writing essay in rnglish nowadays become more easier since i have exposed to a lot of new things. thats all from me, thankyou.

Akmal Ridzuan said...

Assalamualaikum madam, first and foremost, im not a blog writer. Usually i use blog for complimenting my research in some of my assignments. When madam first told that we need to use the blog, it was quite a new experience as most of the blogs that ive visited is mainly for information and didnt need involvement of the users in the comment section. For me its a good thing that madam encourages us to use blog as it is a simpler way to make your own website. As for the idea of me creating a blog, maybe ill say in the future ill create my own. For now, i think maybe ill use blog as my second wikipidea. When i write the comments on the entry, it does not feel any difference from commenting on sites like youtube or twitter. Furthermore ive always been commenting on other peoples post that have the same intrest with me. It is also a new way to write as we didnt have to use any papers or pens. Just by using our pc or smartphones, we can comment at the entry anytime. Lastly, i want to thank madam to gives us opportunity to write in a new medium and a new way

Shizal said...

Assalamualaikum madam,firstly im already have a blog and its about orchid.i made it since in seconary school.but im did not continue writing my blog because busy and my blong dont have many viewers so im quit disappointed.but when im look at your blog im quite impressed as madam has many viewers and comments also.For me blog is important for us because when we do some research we always find that there is no Malaysian blog as we want our country information not another country.when we copied their text,there are so much correction need to make as their us different langs compared to us.so it is good to know madam made a blog to show usour activities in college and how to improve our English skills.thanks madam for everything ����

Haziq Darwisy said...

Assalamualaikum madam. First of all, i never used blog before. When i was in primary school, my teacher also promote to our class to join a blog. But i ignored because at that time i think it cant give me the benefits when i use it although I didn’t used it. When I come to this collage, madam mas also used a blog for teaching time. I know many information that madam give in the blog. To be honest, at first, i feel it so difficult for me to use this way for study. But, after madam forced me to write comments, im try to write comment on blog. After that, i feel guilty because I didn’t write the comment before it. So, at that time, i think it can give me more benefits to me especially for my vocab. Now i be more confident to do task on blog. Overall, i enjoy it. Thanks madam :)

Ammar Mursyid B. Ghazali said...

Assalamualaikum, thank you so much to my madam because throughout my years at the KMKK I have had many golden experiences. Previously, I was not good at blogging or afraid to leave comments due to my low self-esteem and poor vocab.Madam as my teacher and also my menty was open my mind about benefits using blog.Such as,can sharing information or get some idea when look comment others student.As a conclusion,i want say Thank you so much to madam Khalipah Mastura a.k.a Madam mas..tq madam (:

Ahmad Aslam said...

Assalamualaikum madam,I think this blog is a good effort from madam to make study English is more fun and interesting.From writing in this blog,I can improve my English skills to use in my speaking and writing for the future.I also not good in writing and I think this can help me to improve it very much.I also gain more benefits from writing in this blog.I think that all from me and thank you everything that madam teach us.

Entry 6 : Blog Journey

Assallamualaikum everyone. Good morning. Another achievement that all of you learnt during my classes is learning to write via blog c...