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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi, today is the 9th day of the Ramadhan.Things have been going on pretty well with the household and the kids. But something is really bothering me : my never-ending cough which started nearly two weeks ago. it's really painful and annoying actually, not that I am not grateful to Allah for all his blessings, it's just that I dont really like it when I cant really concentrate on my work. Taking cough syrup doesnt really work, instead it made me sleepy. Even worst ! And that kind of feeling, turns me to blogging.......

A terrible day indeed. Lots and lots of essays are waiting to be marked and there's going to be a meeting in another two days which needs my full concentration in preparing my handouts.

Allahumma Yassir Walatu Assir Robbi Atmim Bi Khair. Amin
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