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Thursday, October 27, 2016

FOG Program With E2T7/8

The next class is E2T7/8 with 2 groups focusing on :
1. boys vs girls
2 favourite movies.
The group which has chosen the topics on their favourite movies really had fun retelling about the movies they watched.I enjoyed listening as well, eventhough I have never watched any of out-dated of me,eh!
abu (train to busan)
aqila (ong-bak)
umaimah (first love)
jannah (perfect match)
erma (cinderella step sister)
syaffiq (horror stories)
The topic of interest for the second group is boys vs
syafiq (girls to the washroom in groups for various reasons)
fikri (attittude of religious man n women)
adib(choosing a place to dine)
syahmi(crying for different purposes)
iqbal(argue differences)
adam(choosing media social)
iwan(doing assingments)
wowwwww...I never thought they can come out with unexpected topics as such.....and they gave all out to make sure the informal discussion was carried out perfectly and everybody participated marvellously!!
Kudos boys and girls!Proud of you.
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