Thursday, October 27, 2016

FOG Project With C2T8

C2T8 students  participated in this FOG Project during their class this evening. Since there are 13 students in this class, they grouped themselves into 2 groups of their choice and brainstormed for the topic to be discussed.
The first group chosed their favourite superheroes as their topic of discussion and they really enjoyed sharing their info regarding their favourite superheroes....
wajdi (captain america)
wan (ironman)
iffa (ultraman)
mus (badman)
min(human torch)
The second group talked about their favourite passtime :
umi (cooking)
tina(watch movies n reading novels)
akhbar(watch malay movies)
ridzuan(playing military games)
The language lab was chaotic and full of laughters and funny expressions and extra hilarious remarks on friends' stories....they had so much fun,I assumed.
Even ariff expressed himself well.Congratulations ariff and all!
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