Friday, February 12, 2010

My Classroom.

Come let's share ideas on how to decorate our classrooms.This is where I pasted all info regarding major subjects, class bulatine board, nilam tree project,english proverbs ,reading corner etc..... Nothing much actually, but I think I owe it to my dearest students.They also feel the sense of belonging towards it.
Fantastic And Fun Learning Corner.

Jadual Waktu Projek Nilam
Proverbs ? Idioms ? Saying?
Whatever it takes to learn English.

Laminated pages from magazines

Samples of sentences, bukannye susah pun. I just print from my ppt for teknik Bhs Inggeris aje.

Sudut Bahasa Melayu tak ketinggalan.Nanti kalau tak buatkan, cikgu BM marah pulak.

My Nilam Tree Project. My children memang berlumba-lumba nak dapatkan seberapa banyak bunga yang boleh so that they all boleh jadi King or Queen of the Nilam Project for my class.

Students' Information Site.


Display Boards

Thank you for viewing the posts.Hope we can share more info to upgrade and enhance our T/L in the classroom.

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