Sunday, March 13, 2011

At times

You want to go faster and faster, but you should calibrate your speed to match the pace of the day -- or at least the pace of your peers. If you get too far ahead, catching up will get difficult, plus you risk the possibility of ruffling a few feathers. Actually I am feeling a little bit annoyed with something or maybe someone or maybe more than someone....... only god knows.. It's just a nature of me to share my work with friends and colleagues. The feeling of satisfaction and contentment is always there deep down when I can share work done with friends whom I know cannot make it on time.  Just to help out....that's all.

Be careful with your coworkers -- some serious friction is inevitable if you're not careful. Luckily, you can remedy the situation with a little attention to their needs. People tend to calm down if they feel like they're being heard and respected. But sometimes , they dont know how to apprieciate when you give too much.I get fed up at times.

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