Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basket arrangements

This is a basket arangement made in a traditional style. The basket has been lined inside with tinfoil to make it waterproof, and I've used floral foam for the mechanics. I have bound the handle with lime green paper ribbon, to add a bit of style and interest to it. The outline of design has been defined with linear foliage, in this case, Lonicera pileata. Some larger Hedera helix leaves have been added in the centre to give a contrast of form, and to help cover the mechanics. Next, I have added 5 stems of pink spray carnations. Then five pink roses have been added in a digonal line across the design, and 6 pale green "Prado" Carnations have also been added in a diagonal line across the design, but in the opposite direction. Some lime-green Yoko Ono" spray Chrysanthemums have been used for recession, and to lift the design and bring out the colour of the handle. Finally, for added interest and a change of form and texture, I've used some lovely Hedera helix (Ivy) berries.

This is a traditional style basket arrangement, in a symmetrical triangle shape. The basket has a high handle, which I have bound with lime-green paper ribbon. I have lined the basket with a double layer of tinfoil, as the plastic lining in such baskets cannot always be trusted to be waterproof, and used floral foam for the mechanics. To define the shape, I have used Eleagnus pungens maculata, a variegated green and yellow evergreen shrub. Other foliage used is Mahonia japonica, Viburnum davidii, Lonicera pileata, and Hedera helix. Flowers used are seven purple Dutch Iris for the focal point (some of these are not yet out in the picture), twelve pale yellow roses, five stems of yellow spray Carnations, and one stem of yellow spray Chrysanthemums for recession. A few of the Dutch Iris leaves have been looped together in bunches to add interest. Dutch Iris leaves are a beautiful silvery-green on the underside, and these have been looped with the underside of the leaves outwards, to show this off.
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