Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Venture

Since the past few days I have created the unit blog and have been working very hard to make sure it is resourceful and presentable to the viewers as well.I named it as KMTKENGLISHOASIS. With the hope that other members of the unit will provide info to make the blog alive and kicking.

But on 24th March, I began a new venture of the ICT line. Talked to Mr Fizaril regarding a few minor adjustments on the upgrading of the blog ( I am a type who is never satisfied with my own work), he suggested me to have a website for the English Unit. I was a bit reluctant at first (thinking that it might be too hard for me to venture....) but after an hour and a half with Fizaril, Alhamdulillah, managed to come up with our own English website.Now, focusing on it with the name of : KMTKENGLISHOASIS.JIMDO.COM

Alhamdulillah and Insyaallah , I am praying very hard to make sure the flow of ideas still continues actively so as I will be able to contribute to the college and students the best I can.

And here's to Mr Fizaril Amzari Omar : THANK YOU!!
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