Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exhausted Entry

I have a lot in my mind, so many news to share, so many entries to blog in but......feel very tired - mentally and physically exhausted.Now what did I do these few days to end up like this? Wellll........on Thursday,the whole day (almost ) at Segantang Garam and it ended superbly cos almost everybody praised the air asam and sambal belacan.Ha ha it made my day.......!(will write more later when the mood is fresher )

On Friday,cooked for the kids and went to the mechanic to change the tires.Was there untill nite,then off to Tesco as kakak wanted to buy a few things before going back to hostel.One of the tires buzzed awful sound so I think have to come again to check them both.

Today Saturday : answering technique at SK Batu Lima ,Sik.Ended at 11.30, went to see Angah,took him for lunch and then went back home.Around 4p.m out to send Kakak back to hostel,before that,shopped for her track bottoms and went to the tire shop again.Finally done- went home, we took our early dinner and I wanted to write something but this is the only entry I managed to come out with.

Later,tonite or tomorrow I think hopefully I can continue......The wording also went haywire already......nevermind. The mind is working but unconsiously, I think.
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