Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MIS Application Course KMTK 2011/2012

Mr Fizaril Amzari Omar
The Facilitator

The Crowd
Date : 10th May 2011
Day : Tuesday
Venue : Computer Lab
Facilitator : Mr Fizaril Amzari Omar (Head of Panel ICT)

Around 8.00 a.m the course started with a brief statement and briefing from the facilitator - Mr Fizaril Amzari Omar to all course participants who are the selected lecturers and head of panels for every subject.Around 19 lecturers attended the very beneficial course which is also a repetition course for some of us.

An introduction on MIS was the main factor briefed by Mr Fizaril, followed by some other procedures regarding the handling of MIS and the in-tact knowledge of overall process of ICT.

To be continued in the coming entry.

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