Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Touring USM

My kids at the PPIP lounge
 29/04/2011 (Friday)
Took Nurul Irdina Syaffiqa and Nurul Izzianie Syifa to USM.This time is to get the car sticker , to activate the wifi and to meet Dr Amelia Abdullah.(well....that was the actual plan, actually).But things turned out differently, Dr Amelia was not around (we went to her room -120) and she was not there so we came down and spent the evening snapping photos. Oh ,what a day!

Outside PPIP
 Was happy spending the whole evening with my girls. Showed them around for countless time, just to motivate them to study harder and become somebody oneday.Kakak seems to understand the ranking of degrees but Adik, no, not yet! She is still young, but she knows that Mama will continue her study here, again.

Penang Bridge photo snaps
 On the way back, Kakak dozed off already while the bubbly Adik,kept on talking without stopping. We stopped to 'shoot her' photos.Ha  ha ha.She knew we were not supposed to stop there but I was being very careful.

Hope you'll be one day, my luv.
My girl with the dean's parking signboard. Hope she will be somebody great one day. This is just another way to boost her confidence.
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