Monday, June 27, 2011

Nur Qaseh Qhalesya Emilin

Nur Qaseh Qhalesya Emilin
 Name :Nur Qaseh Qhalesya Emilin
Mama : Khairun Mastiyana Khalid
Papa : Muhammad Azhar Abdul Razak.
Age : 1 year ++
DOB : 3rd May 2010
Home : Cheras,Selangor

 This is Nur Qaseh Qhalesya Emilin or preferred to be called - Lesya.
She is our darling little doll. Love watching her when she walks or roams around the house with her cute little feet and her cute little shoes.

 And this is my favourite shot -Nur Qaseh Qhalesya Emilin's legs. So chubby.... can I say chubby ? nevermind, but I love her legs......rasa macam nak gigit - gigit aje....

 And...... a pair of Nur Qaseh Qhalesya Emilin's shoes. So cute with those tiny pink sunflowers on top.
The sweet purple blends with the pink sunflowers very well, I can say.

oppsssss one of the shoes........but still looks cute and girlish-like.
I like !

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