Friday, June 17, 2011

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights
Heathcliff was picked up off the side of the street by Catherine and Hindley's father. He was a genius of sorts. Everyone hated him when he was first brought into their family. But then he grew on everyone but Hindley who decided to make life miserable for Heathcliff. Heathcliff bore it all and he and Cathy grew to be thick as thieves. One day Cathy and Heathcliff were out causing mischief near the Linton's. Where Cathy sprained her ankle. She then met Edgar and his sister Isabella. Their father died, leaving Wuthering Heights to Hindley and his wife. Hindley demoted Heathcliff to the same as a servant and kept his life as awful as he could.

A few years later Cathy decided that she would marry Edgar Linton not so much because of love, but because he was rich and they could then make Heathcliff's life better. Heathcliff heard the whole conversation where she decided that and ran away. Cathy married Edgar. Three years later out of nowhere came Heathcliff. He was living at Wuthering Heights with Hindley who had a little boy, Hareton, and his wife was dead. Hindley had been reduced to gambling and drinking, so even if his enemy was living with him, he needed the money from the rent. But Heathcliff went to visit Cathy frequently even if it bothered Edgar. Cathy one day was teasing Isabella in front of Heathcliff about how she fancied him. To further his revenge on Edgar, Heathcliff eloped with Isabella and they both hated each other.

One day Heathcliff and Edgar almost started to fight in front of Cathy and it sent her into hysteria. She was ill for months on end. Heathcliff snuck into see her one day and then she died in child birth. Isabella ran away from Heathcliff and had their son, Linton far away from Heathcliff. Several years later Isabella dies and Linton is sent to live with his father. Linton's not very healthy and it's no help to have an abusive father. Catherine, (Edgar's daughter), accidentally goes to Wuthering Heights and she meets Hareton and Linton, both are her cousins.

She starts to write to Linton and Heathcliff manipulates Edgar and her so that Linton and Catherine are married. Edgar dies with his daughter by his side. Then in the very end Heathcliff admits that he's been haunted by Cathy ever since her death and he then dies. And Catherine and Hareton hit it off and probably get married
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