Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saluting Womenhood

Saluting Women hood.

lifetime of a boy to man..!! 

I was born,...
A woman was there to hold me..
My mother !
I grew as a child....
A woman was there to care for
me & play with me..
My sister !
I went to school,...
A woman was there to help me learn..
My teacher !
I became depressed whenever I lost,...
A woman was there to offer me her shoulder..
My friend !
I needed company, compatibility & love...
A great woman was there for me..
My wife !
I became tough,...
A woman was there to melt me ..
My daughter !
When i die,...
A woman is there to absorb me in..
My motherland !

If you are a Man,
Value Every Woman 
If you are a Woman,
Be proud to be one.

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