Sunday, January 26, 2014

Only Allah Knows.........

Sometimes you feel like you want to cry your heart that so wrong?  Is it wrong to cry ? Life is so complicated at times and you have only Allah to turn to. He is the only one (besides yourself) who knows how you feel. There are so many things that need you attention and yet you cannot focus on any of them. What a waste of time. You want to share it with somebody but you cant. You need a shoulder to cry on...... but you don't trust yourself to confide in anybody. So the best thing to do is to CRY , CRY and CRY ! Then smile to the world as if nothing is happening or had happened. Can anybody spot your fake smiles........ it depends on how good your acting is. Subhanallah.......... pray to only Allah for the best as He is the only one knows and decides on your path - Insyaallah.

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