Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My little Corner

a very good morning viewers.
It seems that I have lost contact 
with my blogs for quite some time. 
Live has been very hectic and heavily-scheduled 
these past few months. 
Chores bumped one after another 
but Alhamdulillah all are taken care of smoothly and completely (if not perfectly, right?). 
However, there are so many promises 
still hanging unkept 
and I am extremely sorry for that.
Why suddenly my mini,cosy corner appears above yea? 
For no specific reasons actually..... 
it is just because I like watching it
 every time I park my car at our small car porch. 
Trying to decorate corners 
according to English Style....... 
this is one of the corners. 
Well...... enjoy yourselves watching 
as more corners will appear 
very soon.
Chaoooooo !!!!

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