Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Assimilation Weeks (Day 1)

At 8 am (Monday)-13th June 2016, I attended the first class for this session 2016/2017. As expected 129 students awaited already in DK2....luckily the lecture room was furnished well with air-conditioned  and PA system......relieved that I did not have to shout so the level of dainty still remains... (hehehe)
The civil students are all very fact too polite....well,never mind..... they will get adjusted in a matter of time.
The session started with a placement test to measure their English proficiency level.Then proceeded with the get-to-know session where I tried to crack the smiles on their faces....I think I succeeded with the girls but the boys remained cool. 
Think that's all for today...jotting will continue tomorrow if time permits.
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