Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fudgy-Cakey Brownies

The supposed to be fudgy brownies has turned to be cakey brownies instead, because of access number of extra large eggs.....I was not really happy with the so-called product so brought it halfheartedly to the department to be shared with friends....but it seemed that Allah has better plan for me....and for all I know....they love eating the brownies which I kept on saying and apologizing as "brownies tak jadi".....
Even Kak Rodiah whom I know does not really fancy sweet delicacies seemed to enjoy eating them and Nizar ,not to mention a good cook himself...kept on glancing at the box beside him,waiting for more slices hihihi.
As a conclusion...I enjoy baking for those who really knows how to appreciate good food ...
Have a nice day,peeps!

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