Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Heavy Rain & Strong Wind @ Laman Masnie

Hi everyone.....what are you seeing in this post?A messy and haywired condition of tumbled potted plants,right?Yes...this happened this evening around 4 pm at my neighborhood and being the resident at the corner lot with lots of potted plants,my small garden became the victim.

Around 4.35pm I received a call from my hubby telling about the  weather condition in Sungai Petani or to be precised...Bandar Seri Astana.
He uploaded a few photos which he snapped after the incident and I was like...gosh!what happened.....!!The journey back from college seemed so long and I couldn't wait to be home as soon as possible.Once reached home,the situation was not that bad as he had already cleaned and  rearranged the plants back to the normal place. Alhamdulillah....I am so grateful that nothing bad or serious happened.

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