Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adik during her Colouring Contest -Home Park (Sept 2010)

This is Nurul Izziannie Syiffa Mohd Juraini and she is 6 years old. Last September 2010 we registered her in a colouring contest organized by Home Park at Home Park avenue in Sungai Petani since she is so interested in colouring. Yes, she was sooooo excited waiting for that moment,kept on asking about the date and hour because she used to win in her previous colouring contests.

So we took her with her sister, Nurul Irdina Syaffiqa who was reluctant to take part. Nevermind that as long as she's happy,right? It was a two-hour assingment with lots of details to be completed and lots of the contestants were finaly got fed-up. Nobody in their right minds will force those young contestants to continue since the picture given was so detailed. Based on my experience as a former teacher, I questioned my hubby who answered me : honey, they are not teachers, how on earth will they know whether their picture suits the contestants or not. Well, that made sense.

Finally, my sweetheart let go of her picture unfinished. That's it and we did not force her as we respected her right.We headed towards Pizza Hut to ' celebrate her success in not completing her assingnment' he he......
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