Saturday, December 4, 2010

Students' Presentations(Sem 1- 2010)

These are my students from LCT and LMT tutoriol classes. For the Muet Paper, they have to do some presentations on the 4 skills which are Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. In order for them to be able to get what the lecturer requests from them, they will have to present on topics assigned. They have to realize that they are no more in school level where everything will be spoon-feed by the teachers. Here in Matriculation College, research and self- inquiry are two most important skills which they have to aquire to help preparing themselves for varsity level.

Presentation time for the students is the most unfavourable moments as that will test their public speaking skill and confidence level. Grammar goes haywire and sentences jumbled-up here and there but those are the reality we as the lecturers here have to face. Having students who scored excellently in other core subjects but unable to present themselves well in English is a heartfell  situation actually.
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