Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flowers on the show

For this all-round design for a buffet or side table, I have used a glass bowl with a hollow foot, which I have filled with glass nuggets. I have used a plastic dish inside the bowl, with floral foam for the mechanics. The colour scheme is pink and silver, and I have used some pink sisal to hide the dish, and to bring the pink colouring through the design. I have wound a silver decorative rope around the sisal, for added Christmas glitz! Around the base of the design, I have inserted several silver-sprayed dried leaves of Ficus religiosa (Bo Tree). In the centre, there is a tall group of silver-sprayed birch twigs, to give height to the design. Twelve pink roses have been used at different heights, in four tiers of three roses each. At the base of the design, some individual pink Cymbidium orchids have been inserted into the foam, together with some small silver baubles. Finally, I have placed six small glass candle holders at equal distances around the glass bowl (only five can be seen, as the sixth one is at the back of the design), three holding deep pink candles, and three holding orchids. The holders with the orchids have been filled with water.


This design features "Crystal Accents" gel, which is a decorative product which when added to water, swells to form large crystals. It comes in several different colours, and looks wonderful in glass containers, especially when the sun catches it. It would be suitable for a Christmas table centre, or could be used at any other time as a table centre (e.g. wedding, anniversary or birthday celebrations) by modifying the materials and colours. I've used a round shallow glass container, with white and rose pink Crystal Accents. I've used all artificial flowers which are arranged directly into the gel, and the design is very quick to make, using just one stem of artificial pink Phalaenopsis orchids, three silver fern leaves, and about three short pieces of glittery crystal-covered stems. I've finished off the design with two mirror-glass baubles and four pink floating candles which sit on the surface of the gel.


For this design, I have used a square stoneware container, with floral foam for the mechanics. For the height, I have used some stems of Corylus avellana 'Contorta' (Contorted Hazel). There is also a group of Equisetum hyemalis (Snake Grass), with another group of this arranged horizontally on the right of the design. Foliage used is Fatsia japonica variegata, Hedera colchica 'Sulphur Heart', and in the centre, Heuchera 'Mint Frost'. The only flowers used are five orange mini-Gerbera, two stems of orange lilies, and a few heads of green spray Chrysanthemums. I have added a group of Crocosmia 'Lucifer' seed heads on the left of the design, and at the front, I have used two fruits of Maclura pomifera (Osage Orange). These look rather like knobbly apples, but are actually inedible. These fruits will last a very long time, probably around three months, before deteriorating. Finally, I have added some lime-green aluminium wire, for rhythm and movement in the design.


This is a traditional style symmetrical triangle design. It is made in a basic plastic dish, with one third of a block of floral foam for the mechanics. The shape was first defined with linear foliage, arranged in a triangular shape, and here I have used Phormium tenax purpurea for the height, and Lonicera nitida. I have used three dark Heuchera 'Stormy Seas' leaves in the centre to give depth to the design, and some trails of Hedera helix (Ivy). Some Rubus tricolor and larger Hedera helix leaves have also been used for a change of form and texture. The flowers used are five stems of dark terracotta spray Carnations, nine peach Roses for the focal flowers, and five stems of pale lilac Freesias for the intermediate (or filler) flowers. Pale green spray Chrysanthemums have been used for recession. I have also used a few stems of green Hedera helix flowers for added interest.
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