Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to arrange flowers

How to Make an Artificial Flower Arrangementthumbnail

Things you'll need:

Wire cutters or pliers
Container such as a basket or flower pot
Artificial flowers and greenery
Styrofoam balls or blocks
Decorations such as bows or butterflies

1 .Choose a container. Consider the size of the arrangement you want to make when selecting a container. A medium-sized container, six to 10 inches in size, needs at least two bunches of artificial flowers depending on your choice of flowers. Remember flowers should fit snugly inside the container. Let some spill over the edges, but never allow the container to hide your flowers. Think about using baskets, decorative flower pots or metal containers. Using a clear container shows flower stems and reveals artificial arrangements. A solid container hides the flower stems and the lack of water.

2 . Gather other materials. Pick up Styrofoam balls or blocks to hold your artificial arrangement in place. Know your container's dimensions or take it with you to the store to purchase the correct size. Try fitting the Styrofoam balls or blocks inside before purchasing them. Think about if you want to accessorize your artificial flower arrangement with any decorations such as butterflies, bows or birds.

3 . Select flowers. Choose flowers to match your color scheme and d├ęcor. Artificial flowers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Purchasing flowers by the bush is cheaper. Cut them apart to use individual flowers. Think about using flowers with soft, muted colors rather than shocking and bright colors. Look for flowers with leaves in a variety of shades and sizes. Uniformly bright green leaves look fake. Buy an extra bunch or two of greenery to add height and depth to your artificial flower arrangement.

4 . Prepare your materials. Cut the artificial flowers and greenery apart near the bottom of the stems. This offers a variety of length for your flowers. Remove all store tags and markings. Put the Styrofoam balls or blocks into your container. Make sure it fits snugly so the arrangement won't move once it is together.

5 . Put it together. Place the tallest artificial flowers and greenery in the middle of the Styrofoam balls or blocks. This gives your arrangement height. Put the shortest flowers and greenery around the outer edges. The shortest flowers can hover and fall over the rim of the vase. Rearrange the flowers and greenery until you like the way it looks. Make sure your artificial flower arrangement is full and doesn't have any blank spots.

6 . Think about point-of-view. Viewing a flower arrangement from all sides requires keeping the tall flowers in the center and placing greenery and flowers in decreasing levels around the entire perimeter. Space flowers evenly, trying not to bunch one kind of flower on one side of the arrangement
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