Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Personal Portfolios on CLiPS

These are my personal portfolios done during my involvement in CLiPS Programme under Malaysia MOE

Another portfolio - thick with various collection of notes and chapters regarding literature
The uploaded images  above are a few of my personal collection of portfolios done during my involvement in CLiPS programme from 2008 till 2010. Almost all details noted and stories collected are kept save in these personal belongings of mine.All memories gathered in RELC,Singapore and ELTC,Kuala Lumpur are printed as unforgettable experience. Something which cannot be replaced by other things.That was one of my reasons for not leaving these precious items of mine back at my former workplace.NEVER.Once in a while, I will spend some time to just browse through them and flashes of memories appear.......and that make me smile, thinking of all those precious moments spent and the secrifices done to come up with some thing I considered very valueable. If not to others; to me at least.

Note to my friends who are interested to know more about literature, please be free to come and take a look at these collection of mine so as to give you guys some great ideas on how to carry out literature in your classrooms.Be it primary or secondary schools.You are most welcome........
Just be happy in sharing knowledge and experience with friends even though I dont practise this anymore.
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