Friday, April 22, 2011

Turmoil Inside ME

Just wondering to myself, will these kind of situations still  be 'applicable' in the near future? Frankly speaking, honestly,truthfully, deep down inside me - I'm scare.Will I be able to cope with the coming 'new life'?Question to be answered only by me,myself. Hu hu hu.........thousands and thousands of questions keep on lingering in my head.Luckily it is covered most of the time, if not people can see how my hair go haywire.....ha ha. I may look confident enough from the outside but who knows the turmoil  inside me which has been drumming since I received the offer letter.

Can't say anything now since I was the one who made the choice so it's gonna be me who's gonna go for it.With the all the blessing and prayers from my love ones-hubby,kids,parents and siblings, I will definately take the challenge and strive for excellence.
Insyaallah,may Allah be with me forever and ease the way to success.Amin.
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