Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Memories In Cameron Highland

26th June 2010-30th June 2010
Cameron Highland
PLBS Module Writers
Another sweet memories which definately cannot be erased from my mind- the trip to Cameron Highland.
The forever kind-hearted and caring cum protective Puan Hajjah Pauziah Mohd Tahir, the senior supervisor of assessment & examination unit,JPN Kedah has taken the initiative to take all of us for a'makan-angin' trip to Cameron Highland.
Pn F - handing a plaque as a token of appreciation to the officer-in charge

Enjoying every meal served

Working time- even in the room.

Discussing on the final product to chose
Almost all KPNs and KPkws for the 3 subjects were there but the most,of course were from the English Unit.We sticked together as usual, while working and having fun but the final work turned out to be a superb one. (As usual.....Alhamdulillah)
dinner time - fabulous meal

the forever hardworking and dedicated team members

we enjoyed every sec

with my beloved sis

We really enjoyed ourselves but we still continued doing all the incomplete tasks brought along.
Well, the satisfaction was there- clearly shown on everybody's face.
 Thanks to Pn F and JPN Kedah  for the unforgettable trip ever.
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