Saturday, April 23, 2011

What are friends for.......

A pretty lady with a pretty name - Faizah Kamardin
 This post is sincerely and especially dedicated to you, Kak Faizah. Thanks for being such a good friend and sister to me. I will always cherish our friendship forever, till death do us apart- Insyaallah. Your sweet smiles and pretty face always cheer me up.We can always talk on any subjects or gossips (he he he ), no bearer between us.Your soft way of speaking, enlighten my days whenever being with you. It has always been easy to talk to you.I have never had to think twice before saying anything to you.Just shot it out and let it go-Done. That easy,huh!
Forever flashing her sweet and pretty smiles everywhere.
On a more serious note : I just wanna say, I value our friendship very much.Can't really recall the first time we met. It was during our struggling time while studying in UPM, but we were never close that time. Just flashes of warm smiles to acknowledge knowing each other,right? But time changed everything.
As sweet as those flowers

So in other words, thanks to PLBS or SBOA for the close friendship. Do hope that this will remain forever eventhough I won't be able to tag along with your activities anymore.
Once again - Thanks for everything ; the stories told and conveyed, the secrets shared and the fun explored.
Luv U sis.
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