Thursday, May 5, 2011

The first experience ever

5/5/2011 (Khamis)-9.25 am
Selepas hantar Adik ke Ideal, terus menuju ke highway untuk jumpa Dr Amelia. Dah buat appointment dengan dia kemarin so today is the day of our first ' face-to face' and 'get-to-know each other'session. Masuk aja highway, ada bunyi kat depan kereta, jeling tengok minyak,ok lagi sebab more than half, tengok temperature punya meter pun ok, less than half.So kurangkan from 100kmph to 80kmph, menjadi juga sebab dah tak de bunyi lagi. After a few seconds, tup-tup ada bunyi balik.Lampu tanda macam kepala paip dah naik merah. Was wondering why.......(belajor tak habis) ,then naik pulak lampu yang macam pelita aladdin tu dan gambar bateri. habis la.....terus kereta stopped. Wahhhh what to do now? Stay calm.....nothing to worry  about. After a few sec, started the engine back, alhamdulillah it worked. Made up my mind not to proceed the journey so turned back to SP junction, then suddenly the car stopped again. this time I dared not do anything.

Called the mechanic, banyak pulak songehnya si mechanic nih so kena call Mr Hubby la pulak. Mulanya tak nak le kacau dia sebab I think I can handle this all by myself tapi bila dah si mechanic tu banyak songeh,kena la juga call Mr Hubby. Then kebetulan there was a car passed by and stopped, rupanya mechanic juga.So Mr Hubby talked to him, nagotiated about the price of towing the car back to SP then around 10.15 a.m my car was towed back with me inside, ha ha.What an experience!

 This is the tow truck which towed my car and ME back to SP. What an unlucky day for the truck driver today ............
Why ? To be continued in another entry.

The first time ever my car kena pakai kalung doesnt look nice at all......but what to do.

Cerita seterusnya akan disambung dalam my next entry. Panjang sangat dalam ni, tak best.
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