Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Never Ending Story

Cuti Semester sudah menghampiri penghujungnya. Lagi 4 hari, maka tamat lah cuti ini dan bermulalah kesibukan bekerja semula. Dan dihujung-hujung cuti ni, banyak pulak aktiviti yang nak kena dijalankan. Tak de lagi rehat...... come to think of it......ada rehat ke sepanjang cuti ni? Nope, mana ada rehat. I was all the way working from home, updating my educational and personal blogs. And the other vital chores : being a chauffer to Adik.
Ok, the list goes like this :
21/04/2011 : Choral Speaking Competition State Level
24 - 26 /04/2011 : Focused on the TLC blog. At home most of the time.
27/04/2011 : 28/04/2011 : registered myself at USM
29/04/2011 : went to USM again (sticker and whatknots)
30/04/2011 : Attended Umi's dad funeral, fetched angah at Kuala Kedah n celebrated 20th anniversary
01/05/2011 : Cooking at home and sending kids back to hostels
02/05/2011 : Attending to cars with Abang the whole day
03/05/2011 : Be the adjudicator for Story Telling Competition State Level
04/05/2011 : Updating blogs

and the coming soons are :
05/05/2011 : Appointment with Dr Amelia Abdullah
06/05/2011 : Appointment with Shah at CIMB Taman Ria Jaya
07/05/2011 : Motivational Slot at KMY and visit Kakak
08/05/2011 : Visit Angah at hostel
09/05/2011 : Back to work ...................
 Well..... the never ending have I got any rest during the hols?
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