Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Dad

Me and My Dad during Hari Raya Celebration 2010

My first son with his grandfather

Our great family

 This is our dad. Tuan Haji Khalid bin Haji Ahmad.He will be 71 this 27th of June 2011.A ripening age,everybody can say that but he is still handsome and strong.Very capable of taking care of himself after my mother's death 6 years ago.......he is a very strong-willed man indeed. We love him dearly.

Used to be the head of schools (Kedah and Penang) for years.......he is still with his nature : very caring about his children's and grandchildren's education.Always keep himself updated with our latest news.And we respect him for that. He is my main reason for persuing my study to the highest level.......yes, he is my mentor indeed.And I promise to make him proud having me as one of his children who manages to grab success in life.He shares our stories eagerly.

I dedicated this post to him as one of his birthday gifts and a father's day gift as well. Just dont know how to write about my beloved dad as there are so much to write and so many stories to share. He used to be a nurse to my late mother when she was bed-ridden for years. Such a patient man he is. Insyaallah, if time permits, I will share more and more about my love!

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday,bapa!
Love you so much.
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