Thursday, February 20, 2014

Journey By Bus

25th December 2013
Ukir Building to Putrajaya

Set our mind for the journey by Maraliner to Kuala Lumpur. Aims in mind - to keep my hubby company for his Epidural Steroid Injection which is due tomorrow (26/12/20013) at Putrajaya Hospital. We arrived at the bus station around 9am as the departure was supposed to be at 10.15am but Allah is the only one knows what he planned ahead for us - the journey was delayed for 3 hours as the bus broke down somewhere on its way to the venue, so we waited at the Ukir Building patiently. To cut the story short, we boarded the bus at 12.30am and arrived at Puduraya at 5pm,took the lrt and erl to Putrajaya Central with my two heroes : along and angah who joined us half the way. After dinner, we checked in at Everly Hotel which is nearby the hospital. Then send along back to his rental house as he has lecture the next day and wouldn't be able to stay the night with us.

The night passed by slowly,waiting the light to appear for a new day ahead.
Good night everybody,goodnight love.

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