Thursday, February 20, 2014

Only Allah Knows Best For Everyone......

26th December 2013
The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya.

At 6am I woke up and greeted good morning to the day. Hubby was still fast asleep but the need to wake him to face the challenge of the day forced me to gently kissed his forehead in order to activate his mind to the world.

Leaving the girls under Angah's custody,after thorough and in-depth instruction on what to do for the rest of the day,we left for Putrajaya Hospital. After step by step of procedure for registration and admission, finally my hubby was admitted at the day-care centre.

Hours by hours passed without any notice of his turn to undergo the procedure and we waited patiently, especially my dear husband. As he has to fast from midnight, I also did not have the appetite to swallow anything down my throat. Eventhough he insisted that I go and eat something,I gently declined.

At 2.15pm, suddenly a young malay doctor came and apologized,saying that the procedure has to be postponed to another date as the II mechine stop functioning. The other mechine was being used by another patient and there's no way my hubby can use it on that particular day since it was already 2.15pm. He kept on apologizing and promised to set another date for my hubby. I requested for the following day but he said the day-care center only operates on Thursdays and the next coming 2 Thursdays are fully-booked.

Goshhh !! Such dishearthening news after fasting for 14 hours and waiting for 7 hours! Allah was really testing our patience and faith again- Alhamdulilillah and I could see how patient my hubby was. The next hour was to wait for the medical certificate to be released by the doctor. And again........our patience were put into test.

Allahu Akhbar but I felt very thankful, the hours spent accompanying my beloved one is unmeasureably precious. We shared a lot of old memories and dug into old stories. Feel closer to him,Ya Allah. Thank you Ya Allah for the moments given to us!

We went back to the hotel,rested for 2 hours and then took our kids for dinner. Next,"ronda" time so we stopped at the landmark of Putrajaya - the bridge and snapped lots and lots of photos.

Reached back to the hotel at night time and we can only visualize the pillows,beds and bedsheets before the eyes closed for the day.

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