Monday, February 24, 2014

The First Day Of Admission

2nd January 2014
Penang Pantai Hospital

Woke up a bit late as these few days were extremely tiring days for us. Requested abang to send our daughter to school as I need to pack a lot of stuff for our planned 'journey' today : Penang Pantai Hospital.

Around 10.45am,we pushed off to Penang and arrived at our destination at about 12.00pm. Alhamdulillah managed to meet Dr Kan Choon Hong the neurosurgeon. A nice.young guy with smiles on his face welcomed us through his widely opened door.

And the discussion started with him looking through the mri scan and the referral letter from our dear Dr Lim Paik Gan(the orthopedic surgeon from SP Pantai Hospital). And the history started all over again but with minor explanation as he has been briefed by Dr Lim earlier.

After going through the mri scan,Dr Kan stated that there is something on the left side of my hubby's nerve. Even though he is the specialist in his area,he dares not confirm what it is. It may be a lipoma,granuloma or hematoma. Wowwww! All are big and alien terms for both of us. As I confessed to both doctors,we are not in medical field but in education but we will by all means search and learn new things as time goes by.
He requested for a break to discuss with his collegue,Dr Soon ,the radiologist to have a better view and opinon on the case which for him is a very rare case. I have some sense that he is more concern on the assasive blood vessels around my hubby' nerve. And to carry on with the open surgery is a bit risky as the blood vessels might be accidently cut in the middle of the procedure.

Another easy option is to proceed with the earlier suggestion from that 'so-called' specialist from Putrajaya Hospital which is to carry on with the Epidural Steroid Injection. But for Dr Kan,he is not so keen in doing that yet, no matter how easy it is as he is more to find the cause of my hubby's pain and not just to kill the pain. Furthermore the scan was not very clear (he said my hubby might have moved a bit during the process),so he advised to redo the mri test for clearer views. Than he will conduct biopsy test so that some tissues can be extracted for further examination.

So we waited for the guarantee letter to be approved by the insurance company.The procedure was delayed as the company quieried why the mri test has to be redo in 3 days time.Dr Kan gave his reasons and here we are,at7.01pm......still waiting for my dear beloved hubby to be admitted into his room. Poor soul,he has to suffer in pain.....but Insyallah,Allah will ease his pain.
After such a long waiting period,we were urshed to his room 316. Alhamdulillah, I thanked Allah for making things run smoothly even after the long waiting and a lot of back pain . Insyaallah,tomorrow Dr Kan will proceed with the mri test and further discussion will occur whether to continue with biopsy or other treatment.

It is already 12.00am and I am still jotting down our experience today.Nothing much,just something to share with and something for me to remember for life- Insyaallah.

Well,it's time to say good night everybody,good night world. My dearest one is already in his own world......good night my love. I love you more than any word can describe.

Room 316 Penang Pantai Hospital

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