Monday, February 24, 2014

She Spotted Something.........

31st December 2013
SP Pantai Hospital

Dr Andrew was on leave and Dr Lim took over his task to treat my hubby. And this was when everything changed for better. Alhamdulillah, Allah has mercy on us and forever there to help the needy. Dr Lim spotted something is not right somewhere when she relooked at the mri scan.(After we insisted her to carry out the mri scanning once again as the previous one was done in March- over 9 months ago).

She spotted that there is something pressing my hubby's nerve which causes the severe pain. It is either fat,tumor or cancer! She advised to redo the mri to check whether there are any differences in the scan result and upon our agreement and consent, she placed a booking for the mri room.

At 3.30pm,the mri test was once again done and we discussed the result at 8.00pm.She then suggested we go to Penang Pantai Hospital to get a specialist advice - Dr Kan. We agreed and that night itself we requested to be discharged from the ward,stating that we will proceed with the next move ourselves.

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