Thursday, June 16, 2016

Assimilation Weeks(Day 3)

16th June 2016(Thursday)
Assallamualaikum and good evening.....
it is 7.19p.m and we are waiting for the time to break our fast for the day...and just for my record,it is already day 11th of Ramadhan.....ermmmm time really flies fast.
Everything is already served on the dining table  and while waiting,the 3 of us(my hubby,my little girl and I) watch tv.....thinking back of my 3rd class with the civil engineering  students back at the college this evening...well,I can say they are improving..... attitude wise and confidence wise....which is good enough for me.
Its already 7.24pm.....better stop writing now and let's head to the kitchen.
Happy breakfasting, guys!
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