Monday, June 20, 2016

Green Green Home Of Mine

Assallamualaikum and Good Morning Everyone.
Today is 20th of June 2016.Salam Ramadhan...may barakah Allah be with us all the time. My 4th class for assimilation weeks today is taken by our Head of Panel, Madam Fazilawati Harun as I have handled the slots last week. Wonder how the civil engineering students are reacting to her class right now.....will get the feedback from her later.
As for the time being, I am working on the preparation of report for our PLC (Professional Learning Community). There is a long list of tasks to be done actually.....and I am praying very hard that Allah will have mercy on me and let me handle everything smoothly- Insyaallah.
Ok...think that's all for now,guys! Will be back later.
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