Thursday, October 27, 2016

FOG Project With M2T6

Pre-speaking session
Adding to the notes
Wenda started first
Cedric,thinking of the "cacing" in his food....?
Khugan,the sweet talker

Good morning everyone, today during my tutorial class with M2T6 we carried out the FOG Project.
At first I gave them a topic on leadership qualities but looking at their expression and the way they were so deep in thought, I think better if I give them something light and fun to discuss on. I did not want to ruin the fun of the program. And...I let them choose the topic. Khugen, the sweet talker popped up with "food"....and everyone agreed on that. They started off excellently as almost everybody participated eagerly in the discussion or informal conversation.
Cedric with his "cacing"  and food poisoning stories,
Wenda ,with his leadership qualities,
Izzat, Asraf and Alif about not going back this weekend,
Farah, being teased by the boys,
Syamin who misses his mum's cooking,
Khugen who kept on sweet-talking everybody,
and Memey being bullied by Chedric.
Honestly, I am impressed with the ways they participated.
Kudos kids!
As requested, one fine day...I'll bring everybody to my little cottage yea....
but be good students and that's a promise.
Looking forward for more fun FOG!
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