Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Singapore National Library

Friends forever

With Mr Shuhaimi and Madam Ani Aishah Fatimah

 Hi again ......
Here are some stories of us,the Malaysian Clipsters during our visit to the Singapore National Library on 15th August 2008

During our visit to this library, we were taken on a tour around the place.First, we were quickly ushered into a room where a librarian, Ms Shiela briefed us with slide shows of the functions of the library to the school going children, the resident and even foreigners.

There are several levels; each level caters according to the age group.There are the primary level, teenager and the adult section.Books are neatly placed and the library appeared richly stocked with books, Cds, magazines and other reading materials.

Honestly, we were deeply impressed by the facilities available. Most tasks are electronically run.The atmosphere in the library was set in such a way that it is made homely and very condusive and inviting to stay and spend time reading.There is comfortable furniture around to sit and relax while enjoying the books. The shelves are full of articles and imformative leaflets where readers can access with the latest information on the latest book titles etc......

Frankly speaking, we were amazed by what we saw during the visit to the library. It's a wonderful experience indeed and I would like you guys to feel and share the same wonderful feeling ...........
Happy reading and enjoy yourselves!!
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